Panipat (film) Movie New Release Movies, Dec 2019

Panipat (film) Movie

Panipat is a forthcoming 2019 Indian verifiable war movie coordinated by Ashutosh Gowarikar. In light of the Third Battle of Panipat, it stars Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Kriti Sanon and is planned to discharge on 6 December 2019

We all know that this is the first film of Arjun Kapoor which is based on history because you will know the film history of Arjun, what kind of film he has been doing so far and if this film is to be seen then It is completely different, their ability will be enhanced in this and we will know that only when the picture is released on December 6, so now we have to wait on December 6. To see the movie, you can also see Keerthi Sanan in this movie, who has done a houseful movie with Akshay Kumar Ji, in which he has done a history, then from this you can see that this movie Will express that what is done in the history movie, what happens is all the information they have got, but as far as Arjun is concerned, he is interested in this type of movie. So let's see how Arjun's work is good for this movie or it is okay as well as it has been taken in Sanjay Dutt Ji, which you can understand how many movies you have done, then they are good With enough experience, it can also happen that Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon will get to learn a lot more from Sanjay Dutt ji, now let's see if the movie comes, how does it work in a movie?


In the eighteenth century, the Marathas rose as the most dominant realm in the entire of India. Notwithstanding, their joy is fleeting as the Afghan ruler Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to assume control over India and the Maratha Peshwa orders Sadashiv Rao Bhau to stop him at any cost, along these lines prompting the Third Battle of Panipat between the two armed forces.


  1. Arjun Kapoor as Sadashiv Rao Bhau
  2. Sanjay Dutt as Ahmad Shah Abdali
  3. Kriti Sanon as Parvati Bai
  4. Mohnish Bahl as Nana Saheb Peshwa
  5. Padmini Kolhapure as Gopika Bai
  6. Zeenat Aman as Sakina Begum
  7. Sahil Salathia as Shamsher Bahadur
  8. Kunal Kapoor as Shuja-ud-Daula
  9. Abhishek Nigam as Vishwas Rao
  10. Ravindra Mahajani as Malhar Rao Holkar
  11. Gashmeer Mahajani as Jankoji Shinde
  12. Nawab Shah as Ibrahim Khan Gardi
  13. Mantra as Najib-Ud-Daula
  14. Suhasini Mulay
  15. Vinita Mahesh
  16. Krutika Deo

Two Words About

Panipat is a movie, in this you will get to see a very good thing that Zeenat Aman, who has worked in a lot of films, has a lot of experience, then he is joining this film, joining this film as well as Joe You can see Padmini Kolhapuri in this picture as well, inside this picture, now let us see how both of them are artists and how they will return after so many years of gaps. Doing so to see that come to see what they do.


National Award-winning workmanship chief Nitin Chandrakant Desai reproduced the superb Shaniwar Wada at ND Studios, Karjat. Neeta Lulla has planned the costumes. Veteran entertainer Padmini Kolhapure joined the give in October 2018 a role as Gopika Bai. Zeenat Aman joined the film in June 2019 to depict Sakina Begum.


On 30 November 2018, Gowariker and the cast tweeted a limited time blurb to report the start of head photography.[21] On 30 June 2019, Sanon wrapped up the shoot by posting pictures and notes for Gowariker and Kapoor.

Promoting and discharge 

The main secret publication was discharged on 15 March 2018.[23] 

On 5 November official trailer of the film was propelled by Reliance Entertainment.[24] 


Soundtrack collection by Ajay−Atul 

Released 2019 

Genre Feature film soundtrack 

Label Zee Music Company 

Ajay Atul are forming the music for the film. The tunes are composed by Javed Akhtar.

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