Mi A3 Mobile Phone Long-Term Review By The User's Experience

Mi A3 Mobile Phone Long-Term Review By The User's Experience

Hello friends, I will tell you about the long-term review of the phone that comes from Mi A3, because I took it at the time of Diwali and so far I am using this phone from Diwali, so much about this phone I got the knowledge, what is lacking in this phone and what is good, I will tell you all the things that are there and whatever is inside it, what is good and you are going to take this phone, then you are thinking You will know whether it will be good or not, it will be known to you as well and you have taken the ocean of it, within a month or two, or if you are thinking of taking it right now, then you will get a lot of knowledge here. I am telling you about the Mi A3 phone that I bought it at the time of Diwali, so you can also think that it has been almost 20-25 days since Diwali time. And you can understand that I used to run it at such a time, so many things I came to know about it and I checked all the things one by one to see what is good in this thing and what is it that is there when you call If you buy this phone, you will like this phone, so I am using the Prime device so that you can know that if you are taking the phone to the primary, then you will also get this price range. It is below 15 thousand, so if you search now what will happen, then there are many phones which have come, if you talk about India in India within this time, then every month also tell you that every company has its own phone. If you make a call, now that there is so much competition, you are thinking to take them, then you should also do a little research about it if you do not have time to do it at the moment and you should do it in a hurry. If you want, I will help you with this and I will give you the research that is mine or what I have received so far and I have received feedback about it, all the information that you will share, then, first of all, we use in mobile phones.
Mi a3 mobile phone long-term review by the user's experience

Mobile Phone Display

Everyone should know that the thing is the display, then the display of this phone is the display, so if you do, then there is another company on this phone too. The HD display talks to you that have been given to you, which I believe is quite good because what you do is quite correct in terms of visibility, but if it is not in the touch, it would have been full HD. A very good thing is, I gave you a little information about them, then you can guess what to do, you are very good and its benefit is also I will give you a little while I will tell you what the display is going to be and if you go then it will be sold there and the brightness which is there, I will say a little less than the others.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

The main highlighting feature of this phone is the display fingerprint sensor that you can see in this price range that any device that is currently not providing you these display fingerprint sensor, you can see any company that has 15000 Rs Below the range, some phones have been launched that give these display fingerprints, but in it you will see these display fingerprint sensor which is that Shankar. You can understand quite fast and accurate, which recognizes the fingerprint

Battery Backup

If you talk about its battery backup, then the battery backup is very good, so you have this one and a half. You can use the day if you are normal, if you are a little pro user then you can use it for 1 day and you have to charge this phone by 9:10 pm, and the disc What is the display that is given in the play is HD display which is very good because the battery backup which is very good because the HD display which consumes less battery, the battery which is better than other full HD phones.


performance I will talk about it, you have been given the snapdragon chipset which is 665 chipset and if you talk about the price range, then this pride will be in it. You get snapped which is a series of sets, in the market, even on the phone, in terms of performance, the problem is not right, no problem comes, normal walks will not be worth anything and if you talk More things like.

Call Quality 

if you talk about the call quality in this, then the quality is also very good. Come call quality is also good, you get it even better than the phones. If not, then its quality is very good according to that.


If you talk about the camera of other phones, then the camera given in it is the 48 megapixel Sony which in the given rain, it also has a wide-angle camera and 2 megapixels In this, you have been given the quality of the camera which is good for the bouquet factory, I have got a very good photo, but if we talk about the light, the light is also very good. If this picture is left, then you will get a lot of phones in it, which is true if it happens, but this phone is quite good in this price range.

Voice Quality Via Headphones 

if I talk about some shortcomings, then we will listen to the headphones by putting an air phone. If there is any song, I did not like it so much that whatever phone I have used, in this pattern it has a very good sound, clear TV is good, but the speakerphone which is It is very good and quite loud. If you are in the room, you can hear more calls. The only thing is the problem, which I told you, a little bit of the earphone. 
Mi A3 Mobile Phone Long-Term Review By The User's Experience

Charging Speed

The charging speed of this phone is good and you can charge it well. The fast charger is also supported, but what is inside it is not given to you fast charger, you can buy a separate mobile fast charger from what it is, but what is given in it also cleans it very well. To charge almost it is to charge a hundred percent, then it takes you 2 hours around.

What is the conclusion?

if you want to take them, then you can take who is good. Will you think this phone is your choice? I have told you what is here with me, in which you can read and see what is there, what is there and what is not good at it, it depends on you. That you can also take your phone.

Now it is also known that this mi a3 phone that is about this phone is going to be launched in 5G too, so if you do some research, check some websites or read my article, you will get some information. Please tell the complete information about whether 5g is going to come or not.

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